Alpha-Omega Coaching™


Alpha-Omega Coaching™ is an exclusive coaching system available through Jesicha's Hope

Including our successful Preventative and After-Care coaching for cancer and auto-immune clients.

stone steps

Come take a walk down the steps of your life with an Alpha-Omega Coach.

Discover the beginnings of your problems and let us help you find then an end.  To every problem there is a beginning and and end.

Alpha-Omega Coaching takes you on a journey through the life steps letting you discover where problems originate.
From where a problem begins you can see how to fix and eliminate what ails you.

All conditions whether they manifest in emotional or physical ways have a beginning. We believe by examining and understanding the beginning we can create an ending.
We believe the body can repair itself and rebuild after it has suffered a disease. Understanding how to repair and rebuild is a process. Not all bodies respond the same, but all bodies crave healing.
Unlike nutritional coaching, health coaching or cancer coaching; we understand from the time you were born, even conceived, your body has been affected, understanding the effects brings us to a better understanding of how the body can respond and heal. 

  • What is Alpha-Omega Coaching?
    • It is a method of discovering the beginning of problem which may it be emotional or physical, learning the catalyst beginning the problem, understanding the cause, learning how to eliminate or resolve the cause, putting together a plan to create an ending to the problem and starting an rebuilding program with us at your side.
  • Who is an Alpha-Omega Coach?
    • An Alpha-Omega Coach is a compassionate, empathetic coach that is able to use their probing to help a person discover the beginning of a problem.
    • An Alpha-Omega Coach is perceptive, open, inquisitive, and sees beyond the constraints and blockages people use.
    • Each coach has experience in working with wellness and has been trained in observing subtle stepping stones in a client's life, with the ability to see events and circumstances in a wide angle perspective while helping the client to accept the same in a different perspective than currently observing.
    • An Alpha-Omega Coach is there for you every step down to the cause and every step up to the top where healing is seen. They are there when you falter and there when you succeed.
  • What happens when I use an Alpha-Omega Coach?
    • The Alpha-Omega Coach will work with you to understand your problem whether it is physical or emotional.
    • Your Alpha-Omega Coach helps probe your past uncovering the stepping stones that take you back to the beginning of your disease. We call this Disease Cause Regression.
    • The Alpha-Omega Coach spends time helping to examine each step backwards often finding a point where multiple causes culminated into a big bang disease event.
    • Each session will probe and uncover all probable causes until the person finds a place in their past when it is free of causative effects on their disease.
    • An Alpha-Omega Coach will help you create a new pathway eliminating all causes and lets you see how the elimination of the cause gives way to resolving the disease.
    • Your Alpha-Omega Coach will help you achieve an ending to your problem through discovering the beginning; henceforth, a new healthy beginning may be achieved.
  • How often or how many times do I need to talk with my Coach?
    • Alpha-Omega Coaching is done by phone, Skype or email depending on where the client lives. We work with people world-wide.   Each session can be 30 to 60 minutes. Sessions most often are done over week to week appointments.
    • Since each person and each of their circumstances are different the amount of sessions is based on what the disease or emotional problem the Coach will be working on.  Some diseases like cancer begin through a series of causative effects on the body and may take several sessions to discover the causes, then we move on the repairing and rebuilding process. Not knowing what effects on the body have occurred from the disease and what treatments affected the body, we will help guide you through programs to help during your choice of treatment to eliminate the disease before the rebuilding program is planned. 
    • Generally sessions are once a week for several weeks and can spread out to once a month as the creating of the ending unfolds. Major diseases such as cancer may take a long time, the disease was not created in a day, the body will not rebuild in a day. Sesions for cancer clients are sometimes set to an open form of coaching whereas your Alpha-Omega coach is available when needed.
    • A person will know how long they wish to continue with their Alpha-Omega Coach as the unfolding of the ending takes place.
  • Is Alpha-Omega expensive?
    • Alpha- Omega Coaching can be priceless when a person finds the root cause of a problem they have been struggling with; uncovering the cause is the key to the end of the problem or disease. Alpha -Omega Coaches show you where the key is and how to use it to unlock the beginning of the disease.
    • Sessions can be charged out individually or in multiple plans, the multiple plans are often used as the are less expensive and most eventually will use them during their journey to finding health.
    • For diseases such as cancer we offer an open plan. It is much like the multiple plan but has both structured and non-structured sessions. We understand cancer clients are dealing with both the physical and the emotional aspects of the disease, when you need our support we want to be there for you.


New Client Session - 20 minutes - $35.00

Special Value for Preventative and After-Care - see below

Alpha-Omega Coach  1 session


Alpha-Omega Coach 4 sessions
      one month = 4 one hour sessions

these are structured pre-appointed sessions


Alpha-Omega Coach 6 months
       one month = 4 one hour sessions
 Plus: 20 weeks =  1/2 hr sessions

these are structured pre-appointed sessions


Alpha-Omega Coaching -open sessions   Monthly = 4 sessions                                with six unscheduled sessions when needed


SPECIAL VALUE Alpha-Omega Coaching /Preventative and After-Care

these are mini- sessions of 15 minutes, ideal for quick questions and help in After-Care upon returning from a clinic, center, finishing treatment or ongoing home treatments.

$125 per month for 4 mini sessions
$100 per month annual subscription - BEST VALUE

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