Alpha-Omega Coaching™


Alpha-Omega Coaching™ is an exclusive coaching system available through Jesicha's Hope

Including our successful Preventative and After-Care coaching for cancer and auto-immune clients.

stone steps

Come take a walk down the steps of your life with an Alpha-Omega Coach.

Discover the beginnings of your problems and let us help you find then an end.  To every problem there is a beginning and and end.

Alpha-Omega Coaching takes you on a journey through the life steps letting you discover where problems originate.
From where a problem begins you can see how to fix and eliminate what ails you.

All conditions whether they manifest in emotional or physical ways have a beginning. We believe by examining and understanding the beginning we can create an ending.
We believe the body can repair itself and rebuild after it has suffered a disease. Understanding how to repair and rebuild is a process. Not all bodies respond the same, but all bodies crave healing.
Unlike nutritional coaching, health coaching or cancer coaching; we understand from the time you were born, even conceived, your body has been affected, understanding the effects brings us to a better understanding of how the body can respond and heal. 

  • What is Alpha-Omega Coaching?
    • It is a method of discovering the beginning of problem which may it be emotional or physical, learning the catalyst beginning the problem, understanding the cause, learning how to eliminate or resolve the cause, putting together a plan to create an ending to the problem and starting an rebuilding program with us at your side.
    • We are able to help you through understanding where your problems began so you can close that door and open a door to new possibilities and new opportunities.
    • The Alpha-Omega Coach will work with you to understand your problem whether it is physical or emotional.
    • You will be taken back to uncover the stepping stones where the beginning of your problems began. We call this "Disease Cause Regression".
      • We will work with you until we have stepped back to that beginning step.
    • Often as we go back we see where certain events caused new events. This means from the beginning multiple causes culminated to create the situation you are now experiencing. 
      • As we probe the past we uncover each event and try to resolve it.
      • We will step back until we reach a place where no causative effects are found, then we can begin to form a new pathway.
      • We will show you how to meet future problems with creative methods of resolution so new health issue can be overcome.


  • What is Alpha- Omega After-Care?
    • As you go through treatment for cancer or other disease you want to seek why it occurred and eliminate those causes. We help you through Alpha-Omega coaching to discover root causes through what we call "Disease cause regression".
    • We guide you through how to replenish the body of vital nutrients. Like any living thing we need to be nourished, when that occurs the body will regenerate.
      • Regeneration cannot take place when a living thing is starved or broken down. Chemotherapy and radiation break down the body's defenses and starves the body of nutrient intake. Starvation cancer diets do the same. Like a plant - if you do not feed it or water it, the plant will be stunted, not produce fruit or blooms or will die. Treat your body like a special orchid, treasure it, take care of it and it will bloom again.
    • We will guide you through overcoming symptoms with practical and beneficial solutions, that are time tested and researched.
    • When you develop a stopping block or develop a problem we will help you meet that challenge. Problems are a call to become creative in solving it. We help find those solutions that will not harm the body during its regeneration to health.
    • Healing is a process where the body regenerates and restores itself. Each part of the body has the ability to do so, it takes time and patience. Illness did not appear or manifest itself overnight, nor will health appear overnight.  We understand that and support you through the journey to health.

All sessions are completed using various convenient communication. We can use emails, texting, Skype, phone and FB chat calls. Wherever you live we can help you discover and regenerate health. A session can be anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Note: if only emails or text can be done - I double to sessions. example: 5 regular sessions = 10 email sessions.

New Client Session - 20 minutes - $35.00



Alpha-Omega "Disease Cause Regression" - $100.00

If you use our new client session we will deduct $35 from your fee

Alpha-Omega "Disease Cause Regression" [deduct $35] - $65.00

Begin Alpha-Omega "Disease Cause Regression"


Alpha-Omega After-Care Program choices:

Alpha-Omega After-Care  Simple Program
Includes: short "disease cause regression" and 5 After-Care sessions


Alpha-Omega After-Care Complete
         One year program                                 This includes: full "disease cause regression" and 8 sessions [month 1-2]. 6 sessions [months 3-6] and 6 sessions [months 7-12]

One time payment


      Alpha-Omega After-Care Complete

One Year Program

Three month Payment Plan

3 Payments of:


      Alpha-Omega After- Care Complete 

               One Year Program         

Four month Payment Plan

4 Payments of:


Alpha-Omega After-Care Complete

One Year Program

Six month Payment Plan

6 Payments of:

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