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Rigvir® is the first and only virotherapy agent that is not genetically modified or manufactered. 

So how does Rigvir® work?

It has a search and destroy ability whereas when it enters the body - it searches for cancer cells, enters them, begins to replicate within the cell thus destroys the cancer cell. It does all of this with no side effects making it an excellent choice for treatment.

Can it harm healthy cells?

No, it does not replicate within the healthy human cells therefore it cannot harm


Is it safe?

Yes, it has gone through clinical trials and has been approved as a cancer drug in Latvia where it was discovered.  It has met all requirments for cancer treatment. No side effects were seen yet the effectiveness of Rigvir® was highly noted.

If it is regarded as a drug is it like chemotherapy?

No, chemotherapy may be targeted agents but unlike Rigvir®, chemotherapy has many side effects and cause over time poor quality of life. Rigvir® has no side effects yet it targets cancer cells specifically.

If Rigvir® is considered a drug and Jesicha's Hope advocates using no drugs how is it that Jesicha's Hope approves of Rigvir®?

Although it has been approved in Lativia as a cancer drug it remains a non-manufactured agent that specifically targets cancer cells without harming the body. Jesicha's Hope advocated the use of cancer treatments that show proven effectiveness against cancer without harming the body. Rigvir® meets our strict critieria.

How can you get Rigvir®?

Jesicha's Hope will act as your advocate and facilitator for Rigvir. We are able to set up the protocol for you and get you on it easily. We take the stress out of getting treatment.

Is it costly?

Rigvir® is reasonably priced and well worth using as the effectiveness seen over the period of its use has been quite remarkable. Unlike chemotherapy drugs that cost tens of thousands of dollars leaving you with side effects and often not working or your cancer developing a resistance; Rigvir® costs a fraction of that but does far more to cure your cancer all without side effects. Contact us for further information.

How is it administered?

You are given a series of injections that are not invasive, much like an insulin injection. They begin with three injections and then proceed over a period of about 10 to 12 weeks. The clinic can fully describe the process. This is only a general description.

Will it work for my cancer?

Rigvir® has been used for many types of cancer. It is best that you ask for a consultationwhere the doctor will determine if Rigvir® is right for you.  Your case will be fully discussed and all options including Rigvir® will be considered. We believe it is prudent to get an expert opinion when considering cancer treatments.