Keep Your Feet On the Ground

keep your feet on the ground

Our bodies are a bundle of cells that are electrically charged. The water in our bodies are conductive allowing for the flow of electrons to move about. Ever wonder why frequencies help our bodies heal? It’s the energy – certain frequencies alter or benefit the body’s immune system to promote healing. Grounding the body during frequency treatment is essential. So why do we ground? What happens when we do ground?

When we ground [place our feet on the ground or use a device that is connected to the earth] the body’s negatively charged antioxidant electrons from Earth enters the body and neutralizes the positively charged free radicals. Healing begins.

To better understand what is going on we need to know there is a difference between natural energy and man-made energy. Natural energy is within us, all around us and within Earth. We are created to be connected to Earth. It is part of who we are physically and spiritually. Being grounded is two sides of the same being, our physical side needs energy to function and our spiritual side is energy that needs connecting to Earth and the Universe. When we are balanced and harmonized, we are totally grounded. Many call grounding, earthing but I believe it is more than connecting to Earth, it is a connection with the Universe.

Looking at the physical side of us, the earth pulsates at a rhythmic pulsation that is in tune with our rhythmic pulsations. The pulsations flow to us from the earth’s surface keeping us in a biological balance with all things that live globally. When we are disconnected from Earth we begin to break-down, inflammation begins to cause negative effects on our bodies.

Man-made energy is what keeps our lights on and makes things move or operate. This energy is made of electro-magnetic-fields – EMF’s. Electricity makes our world light up and function for us. But it isn’t friendly to our well -being, our bodies see the electricity as foreign and the effects on us causes – inflammation.

Inflammation – what is it? It is a biological response to our tissues being injured, over stimulated or attacked by pathogens [ bacterial, viral or fungal infections]. It is the body’s defense to protect itself. We can experience chronic inflammation or acute inflammation. A sudden injury or infection produces acute inflammation while arthritis, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, heart disease etc. are some forms of chronic inflammation, Can grounding help us heal from acute or chronic inflammation?  The answer is yes.

Grounding can reduce inflammation lowering the pain levels. Joint, back pain the most common complaints decrease when grounded. Free radical electrons cause inflammation, neutralizing them with negatively charged antioxidant electrons helps to eliminate inflammation. When you are grounded your blood flows easily, studies show the blood cells are no longer clumping but freely circulates which will help balance blood pressure. Stress is greatly eliminated as grounding restores the harmonizing pulsations, moving us from a sympathetic [stress] tone to a parasympathetic [calming] tone. This is important for the health of the nervous system, especially those fighting anxiety or sleep disorders caused by stress.

Scientists have admitted our pains or aches have come from areas in the body where an inflammatory response has taken place but exists even after the injuries have thought to be healed. A low negative energy remains causing subtle chronic inflammation that can exist and continue for decades. This low term inflammation over time damages normal tissues and disrupts our energy. Early on in our evolution we were in constant contact with Earth, virtually this contact allowed our immune system to function to heal us. Along came modern living, where our contact to Earth was dramatically curtailed. Rubber tires, rubber sole shoes, synthetic earth coverings [asphalt, synthetic flooring, etc.] all insulated us from our grounding Earth. Chronic inflammatory disease, inflammation, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and so many other illnesses have appeared and skyrocketed since we have disconnected ourselves from Earth.

Did anyone notice? Or did the rise of the medical industrial complex need us sick to sell us their man-made treatments?  You decide.

Recently there has been some studies on grounding and its beneficial effects on the body. In a study at the California Institute for Human Science, they noted instantaneous changes in brain waves and muscle tension when the body was connected to the Earth. In other studies, the effects of grounding for cardio health was shown. Pain reduction was substantial in a number of controlled studies. If the cause of the condition is related to inflammation, grounding was found to reduce or eliminate the condition. Some effects are instantaneous while others decrease over time, the length of time the condition has persisted effects the time it takes for the body to complete its healing process.

What they have found is when the body is absent from its earth connection there is an internal disruption in the electrical environment within the body. When the body isn’t grounded, there is an absence of a common ground for the electrical processes in the body; there is a build up or uneven charges on the tissue surfaces and cell membranes. This will eventually cause an inflammatory process to begin and if continued chronic inflammatory disease will occur.

Taking a look at the blood, what effects occur in the blood when grounded. When scientists studied the electrical property of blood, they looked at the zeta potential of red blood cells [RBC} and RBC aggregation [clumping]. The zeta potential relates the negative charges on the surface of the RBC. Basically, it relates to how the cells slip by each other so blood flow is smooth and not hindered by clumping together which could cause clotting. After testing controlled subjects, they found grounding substantially increased the zeta potential and decreased the RBC aggregation. This reduced the blood viscosity. Those subjects in pain noted they had a reduction in pain to where it was nearly unnoticeable. For patients with blood viscosity issues grounding was a natural solution. Cardiologists and other physicians concern for patients with blood viscosity problems, clotting and inflammation now have a viable safe solution. Diabetic patients commonly suffer from poor RBC zeta potential and suffer from cardiovascular disease, grounding would greatly improve their health as the studies have found.

It is clear that grounding is a lost part of how we were designed to live. Modern science may find excuses for why there has been such an increase in inflammatory disease, however, the proof of grounding effects on our health has been demonstrated through study after study but the most compelling evidence is in the results people over the world have shown when they set out to return to Earth.

So, what do we do? The answer is simple, we return to Earth. We walk barefoot in the grass again. Children naturally want to walk and play in the grass; they are drawn to what we are designed to do. Only modern ideas of putting shoes on our children to insulated them from Earth starts the inflammatory process to begin. Is it any wonder why children younger and younger are sicker? From our arms, where we are insulated by our synthetic soled shoes, to strollers with rubber tires to a home with insulated floors babies are disconnected from Earth. Babies need to return to playing on the ground or at least on a cotton blanket tossed on the grass. Toddlers and children are set out to play in rubber soled shoes and admonished for wanted to take the off or play in the sand or dirt, we don’t want them to get dirty do we? Yes we do. To be dirty, to wiggle toes in the sand or grass is to set their immune system up for healthy bodies that know how to heal. Mom, Dad and children alike need to get out and get their hands and feet onto Earth. We need to stretch out in the grass and watch the clouds, taking in some sunlight that is full of nutrients, watch the stars as dark closes the day so a restful healing sleep awaits.

If you live in a city of covered in asphalt and tall concrete buildings there are many products that can ground you. Even if you live in the suburbs and just don’t get enough grounding during the day, a good grounding pad on the beds of each family member will ensure during the restful period of the night when the body does most of its healing and repairing, you are grounded to assist in the tasks at hand. You can buy grounding pads, sheets, clothes and shoes to ensure you are grounded. Too much grounding? Not a chance. Remember we came from ancestors that were grounded 24/7 and chronic inflammatory disease was rare or unheard of.  At work, home or travelling, there is a way to ground. We can even show you how to easily make your own grounding pads for sleep or work or traveling. No need to say it costs too much to ground. We might not be living a simple life as our ancestors where grounding was as natural as breathing but we can ground and be as healthy as they were.

What are you waiting for? Return to Earth, healing awaits you.

Ask us how you can ground without expensive grounding products. We can get you grounding pads of various sizes to meet your grounding needs for a few dollars.  The important thing is to retrain your immune system to promote healthy healing. Contact us at Jesicha’s Hope











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