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Treatments and Prevention

Treating, Eliminating disease and Curing
 Living a Proactive Life

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Keep Your Feet On The Ground   April 27, 2023 
Surviving Acute Liver Failure    April 26, 2023
Estrogen Blockers  January -2015 
Skeletal Deterioration from Radiation    Sept 8, 2016 
To Care is to be Human    August 28, 2016
The Pandora Effect    August 30, 2016 
I Have Walked in Your Shoes    July 29, 2016 
Cancer - the gated community within    July 12, 2016 
Inoperable Brain Tumor Disappears     Dec 26, 2015  
The Cancer is Spreading–STOP the Morphine    Oct 21, 2015 
Chemotherapy the Indiscriminate Killer of Our Immune System    Sept. 14, 2015 
The Dying Tumor    August 24, 2015 
Your Breasts are Not Beasts    July 2, 2015 
Don’t kill the patient, Kill the cancer    June 28, 2015 
Free Radicals – set them free   June 4, 2015 
Breast cancer disappears–will make surgeons nervous    May 27, 2015 
Cancer Pain – Cease the Pain Grow the Cancer    May 22, 2015 
Cancer treatment contradiction - the double edge sword of Nitric Oxide    March 27, 2015 
Oh My Poor Bones    March 17, 2015 
The Key to Killing Cancer Stem Cells    March 11, 2015 
 Got Cancer, Lyme Disease, MS?
Varumin fights back for you
   November 20, 2014
Mammograms are Failing Women    October 22, 2014 
Taurine and Fighting Cancer   June 28, 2014 
Honey I bought alternative cancer treatment today    May 13, 2014
Building Bones without Drugs: What to do when your bones are damaged    December 7, 2013 
Gluten–Free does it lower my risk of cancer?    November 17, 2013 
HPV Vaccine: Wonder Drug or Killer Drug?   June 19, 2013 
Lei Gong Teng does it hold hope?    May 23, 2013 
Preventative Mastectomy an answer or false hope?    May 10, 2013 
You Have Not Even Heard of Salvestrols Yet?    April 24, 2013 
Chemotherapy drugs come with disclaimers and disclosures, Doctors: READ    March 1, 2013 
Integrative Cancer Treatments    March 28, 2012 
Prostate Cancer, How to face it     January 25, 2012