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Evidence and Truths

History of Healing and Treatments

Non-toxic to toxic - the return of the old and the new discoveries of healing

Did you know? Facts, Science and Fear

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Hey! We are human    January 18, 2017 
Cancer Treatment Western Style: The Banality of Evil    November 9, 2016 
Stomp the Pink – Right the Wrong    October 1, 2016 
Skeletal Deterioration from Radiation    Sept 9, 2016 
DO YOU KNOW HOW I DIED?    August 2, 2016 
The Pandora Effect    August 30, 2016 
Cancer - the gated community within    July 12, 2016 
You Have a 77% Chance of Being Killed Crossing the Road – What Will You Do?    Oct 28, 2015 
The Cancer is Spreading–STOP the Morphine    October 21, 2015 
Chemotherapy the Indiscriminate Killer of Our Immune System    Sept, 14, 2015 
The Dying Tumor    August 24, 2015 
The Cost of Finding the Cure    June 10, 2015 
Free Radicals – set them free   June 4, 2015
Cancer Pain – Cease the Pain Grow the Cancer    May, 22, 2015 
Oh My Poor Bones    March 17, 2015 
World Cancer Day–Beware and Be Aware   Feb 4, 2015 
Cancer researcher: is he a fallen hero?   January 22, 2015 
Mustard Gas – from WWI to War on Cancer – Chemical Warfare Exploited   January 17, 2015 
Mammograms are Failing Women    October 22, 2014
Cost of cancer–Your Money or Your Life   October 10, 2013 
Cancer is evolutionary?
Or Is this evidence of millenniums of cancer’s existence?
  October 2, 2014 
Pink = Breast Cancer Bewareness
Bright Purple = True Breast Cancer Awareness
   October 1, 2014 
Who Says the US is the Best in Cancer Treatment?    May 5, 2014 
Can a drug be a miracle cure for cancer?    Feb. 9, 2014 
Stop Cancer eliminate the Pink    October 23, 2013 
Doctor do not abuse me I am not a lab rat    May 10, 2013 
Today’s Radiation Poisoning–From a different war    May 3, 2013 
Breakthroughs: what is more prudent for Triple Negative Breast Cancer    April 25, 2013 
Chemotherapy drugs come with disclaimers and disclosures, Doctors: READ    March 1, 2013 
You’re the Cancer Cash Cow    May 31, 2012 
Integrative Cancer Treatments    March 28, 2012 
Fear Kills    Feb. 18,2012