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Decisions and Reflections

Treatment Decisions - What to do?

Grief - the journey through losing someone

Reflecting on Life - perceptions of life and death

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Hey! We are human    January, 18, 2017 
Cancer Treatment Western Style: The Banality of Evil   November 9, 2016 
To Care is to be Human    August 28, 2016
DO YOU KNOW HOW I DIED?   August 2, 2016 
I Have Walked in Your Shoes    July 29, 2016 
The Waiting Game    Feb 18, 2015 
Please Don't Kill Me with Your Judgments   Feb 16, 2016 
My Doctor Says....    Feb 6, 2016 
You Have a 77% Chance of Being Killed Crossing the Road – What Will You Do?    Oct. 28, 2015 
Your Breasts are Not Beasts    July 2, 2015 
Don’t kill the patient, Kill the cancer    June 28, 2015 
The Cost of Finding the Cure    June 10, 2015 
Fear Kills cancer patients    June 2, 2015 
Breast cancer disappears–will make surgeons nervous    May 27, 2015 
A Car Loan Could Be Detrimental to Your Health   January 8, 2015 
I Can poison myself to health?
I don't understand
   December 27, 2014
Cost of cancer–Your Money or Your Life   October 10, 2014 
Pink = Breast Cancer Bewareness
Bright Purple = True Breast Cancer Awareness
   October 1, 2014 
Honey I bought alternative cancer treatment today   May 13, 2014 
May I have the Alternative Cancer Treatment?   April 10, 2014 
Is Killing Cancer Killing Us or Do We Try to Cure It?    April 5, 2014 
ALTERNATIVE Treatments: What does it mean to you?    January 13, 2014 
Influence–has it changed your decision    August 28, 2013 
On Angel Wings    August 24, 2013 
Hope on the Horizon    June 3, 2013 
Do I or don’t I that is the question    April 23, 2013 
The Reflection in the Mirror: what cancer treatment is your choice    April 17, 2013 
You’re the Cancer Cash Cow    May 31, 2012 
The Empty Cake Plate    May 17, 2012 
Mother’s Day Silence    May 16, 2012 
Remembering Being 36 forever    March 19, 2012 
Overload    Feb. 19,2012 
Fear Kills    Feb. 18,2012 
It's my choice, It's my way    Feb. 10, 2012 
One more tear    Feb. 2, 2012 
Are you worth it?    February 1, 2012 
Hope- What is it?     January 22, 2012
Time, there is no time    January 12, 2012