You’re the Cancer Cash Cow

May 31, 2012

You are facing a decision.  Your diagnosis is cancer. Where do you turn and what do you do?

Everyone is diagnosed by a doctor or health care facility; you are then sent to a specialist, an oncologist. It is the oncologist;s job to give you all the information necessary for you to make an educated decision on what to do for yourself, right? Wrong!

Why is the answer: wrong.  Simply you have to look at most of the doctors, no all, some truly will step beyond the boundaries where they are planted and take that risk, giving out information and resources, statistics and avenues to pursue beyond the conventional, traditional cancer treatments.  What people need to know, and it is obvious to most, the medical field is an industry; it is there to make money and big profits. Corporations own most health care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, diagnosis test facilities, hospitals, research centers and universities. All corporations are in business to make money, to produce profits for the share holders. What shareholder would want a negative cash flow? None. Doctors answer to corporation chairman, it is their job to make sure the protocol for making money continues, The patient is the commodity, the patient brings in the cash. The bigger the cash cow the happier the chairmen.. The picture is quite clear; but how many of us want to believe we are nothing more than a cash cow? Especially if we are sick.  

If you look closely at what is offered, surgery, chemo and radiation; all these treatments aggressively go after the cancer, but none are gentle on the body, the good cells. We want to kill it, in our minds we eagerly agree with the doctors; get rid of it, but do we fully know at what price we are paying to ‘get rid’ of it?  Do we fully know the consequences?  In surgery, are we fully aware of and are the consequences fully disclosed, they will be removing some portion of US, our body, they are taking part of US away, that is a huge cost, and many times it disfigures, debilitates or compromises our body. The chemotherapy, poisons the cancer cells, rendering the cells to a weakened form, slowing them down, hoping to stop the growth or spread; that is in theory; what it does is truly weakens all immune system cells, takes our body down, good or bad, and in theory it is hoped the body will recover, but the cancer will not. Too often the body cannot recover, the cancer either is weaken also or it recovers but the body is too weak to fight. Radiation burns it out; literally the radiation zeros in on the tumor or cancer site; burning the cells until they succumb to the heat, the radiation; yet too often the radiation hits good cells, no matter how good the settings are; and good cells get burned, scarring, pain and radiation effects on the rest of the body are felt.  We have all heard the stories of chemo weakness, the nausea, the hair loss, the kidney damage, the liver damage, but we are told to accept these side effects.  How is it that millions of people are told the three treatments are good, and we believe it? Is it that we are not fully told the whole picture, that these treatments are indeed very dangerous, that we shall be disfigured, debilitated, burned and poisoned but those results, and they are not just risks, these are tried and true results; are the only answer to treating cancer? is there not one willing to stand up and say, there HAS to be something better, someone HAS to find a better solution, yet no one stands up. Why?

Money, makes money, and cancer is a money maker; anyone in the industry makes money. There is no poor oncologists, there are no poor pharmaceutical workers, there are no poor hospital personnel [ nurses, techs, etc.]; they all make money. Look at the corporations closely, noting well, the ties the corporations have with other corporations, that is, who owns who; and be astonished to see, many chemical companies, tobacco companies, etc., all are affiliated through corporate ownership with the pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment, testing equipment, etc.  Clearly one will note a conflict of interest; while one portion of the company makes things that cause or contribute to cancer, or depend on cancer; while another portion of the parent corporation treats cancer and needs cancer in order to make money. We have a parent corporation that produces a commodity;, selling it produces a profit from such sales that in its use produces a change to create a second commodity; that another portion relies on to use its products; this is used on the created commodity [you the cash cow] to bring in huge profits. Once the cash cow is lost, the money drained from it; another comes along.  Why would a corporation change a thing? This is a wonderful method of creating wealth.  What makes it so great is we are told this is good for us, and what they are doing to us is for our own good, they love us, care for us and want nothing more than to make us well.  Perhaps they should not have made us sick to begin with?

Nearly 65 percent of all cancer is environmental; other cancers are caused by hormones,changes within our body; and if we look close we can see how many foods, drinks, contact environment creates changes in our hormones, causes changes in our body from chemicals in our soaps, food, clothing; all weakens, changes are systems. The percentage raises. Cancer was nearly unheard of before the last, say 50 years; people did have it, but the incidence was not common and probably caused by an imbalance somewhere but today, we tip the odds with all we are in contact with, breathe or consume. If we were to stop the parent corporation from earning profits coming and going, would it stop; my estimation is, yes and greatly.

You are scared, and you are losing the battle with cancer; in desperation you seek something, anything to help you.  A door opens, and another, you face real possible resolutions to your cancer; all without side effects, many show you how it worked for them. Living proof stands before you; they are living, walking and have no effects from cancer; it is in remission; and they are not disfigured, debilitated, no scars, no weakened immune system, their kidneys and livers are working. You wonder if it could work for you. If you have not yet been cut, poisoned or burned, you are lucky, if you have, your chances are still good, there is always hope. Excited you tell your doctor; suddenly you hear these words: I would not recommend you do that, it could be dangerous.

Let us repeat this thought; the doctor, willing to poison you, cut you and burn you, that includes such side effects of liver poisoning, kidney failure, scarring, weakened immune system, loss of limb and organs, burns, and loss of body functions and death thinking this is NOT dangerous, thinks, building the body’s immune system, targeting cancer cells to change their DNA to die, feeding cancer cells nutrients the body uses but the cancer succumbs to dying rapidly; cleansing the body to make it stronger; heating the body locally or fully to kill heat sensitive cancer cells; heating the blood in order to accomplish the same effect; and so many more; all rendering the body stronger and the cancer weaker and eventually to die off; all this is Dangerous?  Obviously someone is biased.

Of course the next words will be: ‘try it but it won’t work and the cancer will continue to grow, it might be too late for us to save you.’  This is a scare tactic, making one believe they care about you; and the only thing on their mind is your well being; yet what they really think is there goes my cash cow.  Some will believe it and go for the dangerous over the non-dangerous because it is presented as the opposite. Then there are the ones that believed in the doctors until the end, with no hope left they turn to the non-invasive, still there are miracles; and those that don’t get the miracle, the doctors are quick to say, ‘ see I told you so, that alternative, non-invasive, integrative treatments don’t work, they killed your loved one.’ Oh so quickly do they want you to forget how that doctor poisoned, burned and cut up their loved one, leaving them with no liver, weak kidneys, weakened immune system, burned cells, radiation effects; all these they want us to believe did not only contribute to your loved ones death but caused it.

The decision time is now; do we go from our doctor’s office after diagnosis and make our first appointment to be poisoned, cut or burned or do we say, step back, let me take a closer look at all the doors available to me, with resources rich in non-invasive integrated treatments that can and will give me a chance to survive and go on to tell my story?  The doors are open, the resources are there; now more than ever there is true HOPE, true resolution for cancer. We only need to stop the cycle of scare tactics and create a new flow of energy; one that says, I do care about you, about how you heal.  Now you know where to turn. 







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