A Car Loan Could Be Detrimental to Your Health

January 8, 2015

Do you have cancer? You are putting on miles and miles on your car. From doctor to doctor, lab tests and hospital stays your car’s odometer is quickly putting on the miles. The doctors say the treatments will never end; your cancer will be managed, so that car will be seeing a lot more of the road.

So how are those treatments working out? Do you see your treatments being changed from one course of chemo to the next, putting you on the radiation table whenever a tumor grows too fast? Chasing the cancer and knocking it down so it can grow again is not treating cancer, its maintaining it, or keeping it in a controlled growth pattern. How long can you control it or how long your blittle blue carody can withstand the hits of chemo and radiation is how long you will need that car.


Anticipating more traveling for the unforeseen future you decide to get a new car before this one is not reliable. A local auto dealer sells you the perfect car with all the comfort features you will want as traveling becomes hard after chemo treatments or radiation. Your bank says they will process the car loan, no problem. Now you just have to wait for the paperwork to go through.

While waiting for your next doctor’s appointment you decide to hit the internet. laptop

Researching today is made easy with so much material available; peer groups and world-wide forums open your eyes and the world of options available. Cancer treatment options to stop your cancer and repair your body loom before you on the computer screen. Alternative cancer treatments begin to show you the hope you have to bring your cancer into full remission. A few phone calls get you excited that there is a real possibility your cancer can be cured. It all makes perfect sense. nurses

Another trip to the oncologist and he tells you all these options you have heard about are nonsense. He looks at you and tells you: “If there really was a cure out there don’t you think I would tell you? All these things are not FDA approved, do you want to trust them? “

So you sit at home pondering what your doctor told you, he makes sense really if the FDA says it’s not safe then maybe I should not consider it. The FDA is on my side – right? You call one the places you had talked to about cancer treatment options. They ask you –“Is Chemo safe for you? pillsOnly 3% of all cases are actually helped by chemo, more deaths occur due to the chemo and radiation not the cancer and chemo has been shown to give you more cancer as well; after stage 3 chemo no longer works; your immune system is stressed, depleted and weakened by chemotherapy, it’s just a matter of time. So is the FDA or the doctor telling you that? What about all the chemical products on the market that cause cancer are they safe to use? The FDA says they’re safe. What about GMO foods? There is clear evidence GMO foods harm us but the FDA says eat them. More people die of drug side effects than eating or ingesting supplements the statistics are staggering; the FDA approved of all these drugs telling you its okay. Still think you want to trust the FDA? Other countries have their own watch dogs and they ban GMO’s, the ban pesticides and dangerous chemicals, they won’t allow hormones added to animal feed; their citizens are saver. Other countries don’t put chemotherapy and radiation at the top of their list to treat cancer, they can’t afford to have people sick and on the government dole; they develop treatments that work and keep people productive. These medical treatments work for people in other countries, why not for YOU?  Worse yet why are cancer treatments that are not harmful not allowed in the most advanced countries?

You ponder what you were just told and begin to look further on the internet to discover your doctor like all others are controlled by regulations and the FDA – what the FDA says all other agencies use to base their regulations. profitsThe FDA is funded by fees given to them by chemical corporations, Pharmaceutical corporations and research centers; lobbyists for the big corporations draw upon favors from Congressmen to influence decision making in the FDA. Corporations need the FDA to get their drugs or chemical products on the market; the FDA needs the fees to fund themselves; one needs the other and the public are a secondary consideration. It’s all business, no emotions, no real humanitarian decisions are at stake; plain and simple money is controlling things. A few deaths for the huge profits are worth it. You begin to read reports on chemotherapy research and new drugs; the focus is on how many billions of dollars it will bring in; no focus on how many lives it will save. One reported the chemo drug would give an extra 7 months to the patient’s life at the cost of near 95 thousand dollars – how is that a good thing?

You see a clear picture in your head. What you will do is clear. You call the auto dealer and tell him you are not going to buy the car.approved He asks you why. You say: “A car loan will hurt my health. I need that loan to live.” He tries to pressure you about how great the car will be. “No, a car loan right now could kill me. It’s the car or me and I choose me,” you tell him. A call to your bank, you have decided against the car loan; a new car is not priority right now and you won’t be putting on many more miles with your car, at least not to the cancer center. You would like loan for a bit less to buy life. Hopefully they agree and you’re on your way but you read there are medical loans out there so you’re not worried, even a personal loan from a friend will do. Today you are determined Life is so worth a loan.

If you have decided you are worth a loan for your life, learn what options are available before getting that loan. Most extensive treatment plans are less than a cheap new car; some less than a used car. What is better to spend monthly payments on –YOU or a car? Call or contact Jesicha’s Hope today, visit www.jesichashope.org for all contact info or email us: info@jesichashope.org , visit us on facebook: www.facebook.com/jesichashope or join our group: www.facebook.com/groups/alternativecancertreatments   Remember we care enough to be available all  365 days.















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