The Dying Tumor

August 24, 2015

The Dying Tumor: the evolution we all wish for

So you have a tumor – do you know what it looks like? It has a system by which it stays alive and well. It is able to take in the ‘food’ it needs to keep the cells multiplying and gives it the ability to create new tumors elsewhere.

bloodflow into tumor

[the color you see in this scan taken recently is healthy blood flow to and from the tumor]

Tumor cells have supercells or what are called cancer stem cells, these cells are covered or wrapped in a protein the body’s immune system recognizes as a protein normally seen therefore the immune system does not bother with them, passing over them and allows them to grow further. These cells are responsible for the havoc cancer plays out in your body. It is not the fault of the immune system, it is the fact the cells have this innate ability to hide from the immune system.

Now, what if we were to uncover those stem cells, and what if we were able to take away their ability to feed? What then would happen? Simply put – the tumor would begin to die.

prostate tumor dying

[prostate cancer after only a few days on the proprietary protocol, blood flow is lost and the tumor is shrinking, nearly 80+ percent of the tumor is gone – dead]

mesothelioma tumor dying

[mesothelioma patient after a few days – blood flow is gone and only flow around the area, as the immune system begins to ready itself for the immune response as the final stage of the protocol is given]

If you can starve cancer through a process that will continually keep the receptors turned off, and uncover the stem cells so they too can be damaged; cancer is unable to survive. The final stage is to create such an immune response so as to create immunity to cancer within the body. This all can be done.

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