Integrative Cancer Treatments

March 28, 2012

We hear the words, cancer, the doctor tells us, the biopsy came back; the lesion is cancerous. Suddenly we are whirling around, desperate for answers, telling the family and your friends; life is rushing by us, do we dare stop or will the cancer race by on its way to spread further. I do not know a single person receiving this diagnosis that did not enter an immediate panic mode; where the brain and the emotions ran in opposite directions.

Suddenly, we sit and we are quiet with ourselves, we are alone with the cancer, this invasion into our lives and we do not like sharing our bodies with this intruder. We begin the process of thinking, asking questions and wanting answers. But where are the right answers?

There are no absolute right answers. What we do know is the right thing is to have available open doors to all possible methods for treatment.  We also need know, conventional doctors do not have all the answers, in fact, if they did, you would not be told. Why? Doctors need live and work by rules, hospital rules, AMA rules, FDA rules; the rules are all around them; should they defy a rule, careers would suffer.

When someone tells you, if there was a cure or a treatment that could work besides Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery; everyone would know, certainly ‘my’ doctor or ‘your’ doctor would tell you. Don’t be so sure, in fact, as I said, rules prevent them from exposing any treatment not approved by the FDA or hospital. The secret is, that most doctors know of these treatments, and most of them take their families or themselves to these treatment facilities when they get such a diagnosis. If you want to continue to believe there are only three things to use against cancer, you are fooling yourself.

Integrative Cancer Treatments, otherwise known as alternative cancer treatments, alternative cancer therapies, integrative cancer therapies, complimentary medicine, complimentary cancer treatments; all head you in the direction of non-invasive treatments or therapies used in all parts of the world where such treatments are accepted and in many cases mainstream.  Many of the treatments have been used for years with very good success, yet when you combine many of the treatments together in order to fight cancer full force, you enter into what I deem as Integrative Cancer Treatments. My belief is integrating many methodologies you create many battle zones thus enabling our bodies with such assistance to combat, and win the war.

When asked about Integrative Cancer Treatments we are often asked, ready for ridicule, if we sincerely think herbs will miraculously cure cancer.  Such questions are directed at us, or those in the decision making mode; in order to put us on the defense, creating an environment  ready for negative discussion. My response is simply, if a question such as this is posed, the only answer is you are totally uninformed or you are totally brainwashed and blinded to the whole truths. There is enough information in circulation from every major science publication, university or medical center; clearly showing chemo, radiation and surgery are not only dangerous but that they cause more deaths than the disease itself.  Yet, Integrative Cancer Treatments; do not pose a death risk, or side effects; they only are directed at killing and stopping the growth of cancer. When people come to use integrative cancer treatments after undergoing chemo or radiation or surgery, or combination of any; they are usually seeking the integrative treatments because the conventional medical industry wrote them off. The statistics for survival in late stage four of any cancer, is not high; the reason is not that the integrative cancer treatments do not work in end stages, but because the body has been so damaged by the chemo and radiation, they usually succumb to organ failures due to the chemo or radiation poisoning. I have personally witnessed such deaths and they are heartbreaking.

One such death was my daughter; after undergoing chemo and radiation with no success she turned to integrative cancer treatments. I witnessed tumors disappear and her body begin to respond; yet the chemo had so damaged the liver, it could not regenerate and we lost our daughter, near cancer free,due to chemo poisoning. Is this what we should accept?  She was determined her voice would be heard, and Jesicha’s Hope was founded, to open doors and allow all Integrative cancer treatments.  The use of hyperthermia is widely used, causing cancer to die off when exposed to heat, much like a controlled fever; hyperthermia perfusion; whereby the blood is heated causes much the same effect on cancer cells, killing them in the blood stream; detoxification of the body is most important, oxygenation of the body further weakens the cancer cells as cancer cannot live in an oxygen high environment; using chlorophyll in a highly concentrated powder, along with exposing the body to light [SPDT therapy], ultrasound and laser light, the cancer cells are demolished; laetrile; Poly-MVA; changing the diet, ingesting whole foods and correcting your PH; all are part of the integrative treatments.

There are many treatments to choose from, most doctors look closely at the type of cancer they are fighting and develop a personal protocol for that cancer. Because there are many types of cancer, and many spread, react and reproduce differently, the integrative cancer treatments must be designed to attack such cancers depending on the cancer’s personality. One thing for sure, integrative cancer treatments are like sending in the army, navy, marines and air force, all to fight the war on all fronts; only then do you win the war. If you fight it only with chemo, radiation and surgery it is much like fighting a war by first killing off all the civilians, then fighting the enemy’s army; even should you kill the enemy, what would be left and for what was the fight for? We believe cancer is the enemy, and we aim only to kill the enemy but leave a healthy ‘nation’ [body] from which to continue the joyful experience of living.  

Discover our open door policy at; we are available 7 days a week, we know cancer does not have a schedule and we know the pain and desperation. Find hope within our walls.







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